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Imaginative play gives children an opportunity to express their feelings, encourages them to explore their surroundings, and helps ignite new learning and adventures through pretend play.  In an article from Scholastic,”Ages & Stages: Imagine & Pretend” by Susan A. Miller Ed.D., Ellen Booth Church, and Carla Pool, it highlights the importance of pretend play early on in young children from as early as age 0.  “Babies imitate silly faces.  Pre-schoolers invent characters and scenes.  By five, children are staging full-fledged dramas!  It’s all about imagination.” From infants to by the time they are toddlers, children will use their imagination to understand and relate to real life events as simple as going to the supermarket and a visit to the doctor’s office.  If imagination is focused, children will grow with meaningful memories and help cultivate their creativity into adulthood.

Tay+Te Imaginative Play is an indoor play space for children ages 0-6 with a focus on learning through pretend play.  Our modernized play structures are the first of its kind in Bergen County; from the Organic Market, to the Pizza Parlor, to a miniature sized Convention Center!  Our toys are hand selected to encourage discoveries and promote healthy play. We want to build a safe and clean environment, where kids can freely explore, learn, and create their own adventures.  In addition to the miniature town, we also offer a comfortable lounge area with a snack and coffee bar for parents to meet other parents, relax, or catch up on last minute work.  Please join us for open-play, private birthday parties, classes, and special events.  Follow us on social media for updates and promotions!  

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